Table of Contents
  1. What is Matrix?
  2. Registration on Matrix
    1. Popular homeservers
    2. Clients
  3. Stash space
  4. Stash rooms
    1. Matrix focused rooms
    2. Stashapp Org rooms
    3. Support rooms
    4. Stash focused rooms
    5. StashDB focused rooms
    6. Contributor focused rooms
    7. Developer focused rooms
    8. stash-box focused rooms
    9. Misc. rooms
    10. Bot feed rooms
    11. Archived (read-only) rooms
  5. Tips and Tricks
  6. Further read on Matrix

What is Matrix?

Matrix is an open-source internet protocol for secure, decentralised, real-time communication. Unlike other popular platforms like Discord, Matrix is federated. It consists of many servers, each server hosts Matrix accounts and chats. You can create an account on any Matrix server and the join other servers without having to re-create your account. One common example of federated protocol everyone uses today is email.

On Matrix, usernames are referred to as MXIDs (Matrix IDs), chats as rooms, servers as homeservers. Think of homeserver as the domain that hosts the instance. You can also group rooms together to form spaces (similar to Discord server).

In comparison to Discord:
Username = Matrix ID
Channel = Room
Server = Space1

1 Spaces are a collection of individual rooms.

Registration on Matrix

There is no central place to register on. You can create an account on any homeserver and join spaces and rooms across all of them.

2 Redirects to domain, which is affiliated with


Web-based clients are great to start and register. Element (web) is feature-rich and easy to use client.

Matrix supports a variety of clients on web, desktop (Windows, Linux, and macOS), and mobile (Android, iOS). maintains a list of clients on their website here.

Stash space

Rooms can be joined from inside the space. You can join one, or more rooms, or all rooms from the space. They are not directly tied to each other.

Our official space is located at
Alternative addresses are on

Stash rooms

We are using a bridge bot that relays Discord and Matrix messages both ways in some rooms. They will be marked (bridged). Some features doesn’t translate through the bridge like reactions and threads.

Some rooms are designated as [NSFW]. Adult focused media is allowed to be posted in those rooms without /spoiler as long as they within space rules.

Matrix focused rooms

Stashapp Org rooms

Support rooms

Stash focused rooms

StashDB focused rooms

Contributor focused rooms

Developer focused rooms

stash-box focused rooms

Misc. rooms

Bot feed rooms

Archived (read-only) rooms

Tips and Tricks

  • You can change your Display Name by going into Settings.
  • If you use different Matrix ID than Discord username, you can set a custom ping for your old username (Settings > Notifications > Keyword).
  • You can use web client to quickly create an account and then move to desktop based client for better experience.

Further read on Matrix