Table of Contents
  1. Using Docker Compose
    1. Install
    2. Upgrade
    3. Remove

Before starting make sure your system has Docker installed. You can follow the instructions on how to install Docker from Docker Docs.

Official Stash image is located at stashapp/stash.

Stash README on Docker installation is available here.

Using Docker Compose


  1. Download and save docker-compose.yml file from our GitHub.
    • Modify the docker-compose.yml` file to your preferences.
  2. Open terminal in the same directory as saved docker-compose.yml or cd to that directory.
  3. Run docker-compose up -d
  4. Installing this way will bound Stash to port 9999.
  5. If everything went well Stash will be available at http://localhost:9999 locally or on your network http://YOUR-LOCAL-IP:9999.


If you are upgrading from older than v0.20 version make sure to re-download the docker-compose.yml file from our GitHub as new volume was added. Alternatively you can edit the docker-compose.yml to manually include new volume - ./blobs:/blobs.

  1. Go to the directory where docker-compose.yml is saved.
  2. Run docker-compose pull. Pulls the new image.
  3. Run docker-compose down. Removes old container.
  4. Run docker-compose up -d. Creates and starts the new container.
    • Make sure the mount points and settings are the same as in previous docker-compose.yml file.


  1. Go to the directory where docker-compose.yml is saved.
  2. Run docker container kill. Force stops the container.
  3. Run docker container rm. Removes the container.
  4. Delete docker-compose.yml file.