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Table of Contents
  1. Official
    1. Kodi Helper
    2. Sqlite_Renamer
  2. Third-party
    1. OnlyFans Scraper
    2. FilenamePerformersToCSV
    3. pwPlayer.js - Scene Card Quick Player
    4. stashapp-tag-importer
    5. blurryCardBackground

Scripts are standalone programs that can interact with stash either through graphql queries, custom Javascript or by directly editing Stash database/files.

To install a script follow the script’s install instructions.

Scripts are separated into 2 sections Official and Third-party.


Official scripts are hosted on CommunityScripts repository. All code is reviewed by core Stash team and any questions or issues you have regarding these scripts can be raised in Discord or GitHub.

Kodi Helper

Category Kodi
Script Kodi Helper
Description Generates nfo and strm for use with Kodi.
Stash version v0.7 or higher


Category Maintenance
Script Sqlite_Renamer
Description Renames your files using stash’s metadata.
Stash version v0.7 or higher


These scripts are created by third parties and not officially affiliated or supported by the core Stash team. If you have issues, please reach out to the original creators.

OnlyFans Scraper

Category Scraping
Script OnlyFans Scraper
Description Powershell script that can (batch) import OnlyFans metadata into a Stash database from a OnlyFans metadata database scraped using DIGITALCRIMINALS’s OnlyFans Scraper.
Author ALonelyJuicebox


Category Metadata
Script FilenamePerformersToCSV
Description Parse performer names from your media filenames into CSV files for batch import into Stash!
Author ALonelyJuicebox

pwPlayer.js - Scene Card Quick Player

Category Scene
Script pwPlayer.js - Scene Card Quick Player
Description This Javascript will create a “Play” button in each scene card. You can click on it and the video for that scene will be played right away. Click on the video again, then you are back to the scene list.
Author philpw99


Category Tags
Script stashapp-tag-importer
Description Bulk imports all the tags on Stashbox (usually into your Stash application.
Author soundchaser128


Category Scene/Movie/Gallery/Studio
Script blurryCardBackground
Description Add blurry background to scene/movie/gallery/image/studio.
Author philpw99