Auto Tagging

When media filepaths or filenames contain a Performer, Studio, or Tag name, it is assigned those Performers, Studios, and Tags. It will only tag based on Performer, Studio, and Tag names that exist in your database.

When the Performer/Studio/Tag name has multiple words, the search will include paths/filenames where the Performer/Studio/Tag name is separated with ., -, _, and whitespace characters.

For example, auto tagging for performer Jane Doe will match the following filenames:

  • Jane.Doe.1.mp4
  • Jane_Doe.2.mp4
  • Jane-Doe.3.mp4
  • Jane Doe.4.mp4

Matching is case insensitive, and should only match exact wording within word boundaries. For example, the tag Jane Doe will not match Maryjane-Doe or Jane-Doen, but will match Mary-Jane-Doe, Jane-Doe_n, and [OF]jane doe.

Auto tagging for specific Performers, Studios, and Tags can be performed from the individual Performer/Studio/Tag page.

Performer autotagging does not currently match on performer aliases.