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Stash is a web application written in Go for serving and organizing your porn collection. It is self-hosted and released under AGPL-3.0 license. Stash currently supports Windows, Linux, macOS and Docker.

Start Using Stash

To get started go to Getting Started and grab the latest version for your operating system. You can learn more about the software generally via the README on the official repository or via official website.



  • Spread the word: the more people that know about Stash, the more people can help with the tasks below.
  • Help other users: we got new users coming in all the time that need assistance. Stopping in help channels/rooms now and again to assist can save developers some time.
  • Write documentation: help to improve the Stash documentation.
  • Contribute to the website: the website could definitely use some attention.
  • Finds bugs: test the software for bugs and create GitHub issues for them to help developers confirm and fix them faster.
  • Write scrapers: if there is a site that isn’t being scraped properly or at all, head on over to scrapers channel/room and see if you can’t help scrape some metadata from a site.
  • Populate StashDB: StashDB is our canonical database where we store metadata and hashes. You can submit info from your Stash instance to the database or just help to improve the already existing information.
  • Support financially: Stash development runs on donations. Donations are collected through OpenCollective. You can do anonymous donations, recurring donations, or even contribute towards a specific feature, incentivizing that bit to get done potentially faster.
  • Sponsor on GitHub: You can sponsor the stashapp organization on GitHub via one-time or monthly donation.