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First Steps

Table of Contents
  1. Setting Up Content Libraries
  2. Configuring Scan Options
  3. Initiating Scan

Setting Up Content Libraries

  1. Open your Stash.
  2. Go to Settings > Library and click Add Directory.
  3. To change the drive letter/volume, just type it in the field.
    Drive location
  4. Select the folder containing the content you want to add. It will select the folder and all sub-folders.
  5. Click Confirm.

Configuring Scan Options

  1. Open your Stash.
  2. Go to Settings > Tasks.
Option Description
Generate previews Generates video previews which play when hovering over a scene.
Generate animated image previews Generates animated webp previews. Only required if the Preview Type is set to Animated Image. Requires Generate previews to be enabled.
Generate scrubber sprites Generates sprites for the scene scrubber.
Generate perceptual hashes Generates perceptual hashes for scene deduplication and identification.
Generate thumbnails for images Generates thumbnails for image files.
  1. Select options you want based on your preferences, but every option increases time the scan will take.
  2. You can stop and re-scan it will ignore the files that are already scanned and just scan new or missing files.

Initiating Scan

  1. Open your Stash.
  2. Go to Settings > Tasks.
  3. Click Scan to start scanning for the content from your setup libraries or Selective Scan... if you want to scan a specific location.