Scene Filename Parser

Table of Contents
  1. Parser Options
  2. Applying the Results

This tool parses the scene filenames in your library and allows setting the metadata from those filenames.

Parser Options

To use this tool, a filename pattern must be entered. The pattern accepts the following fields:

Field Remark
title Text captured within is set as the title of the scene.
ext Matches the end of the filename. It is not captured. Does not include the last . character.
d Matches delimiter characters (-_.). Not captured.
i Matches any ignored word entered in the Ignored words field. Ignored words are entered as space-delimited words. Not captured. Use this to match release artifacts like DVDRip or release groups.
date Matches yyyy-mm-dd and sets the date of the scene.
rating Matches a single digit and sets the rating of the scene.
performer Sets the scene performer, based on the text captured.
tag Sets the scene tag, based on the text captured.
studio Sets the studio performer, based on the text captured.
{} Matches any characters. Not captured.

⚠️ Note: performer, tag and studio fields will only match against Performers/Tags/Studios that already exist in the system.

The performer/tag/studio fields will remove any delimiter characters (.-_) before querying. Name matching is case-insensitive.

The following partial date fields are also supported. The date will only be set on the scene if a date string can be built using the partial date components:

Field Remark
yyyy Four digit year
yy Two digit year. Assumes the first two digits are 20
mm Two digit month
mmm Three letter month, such as Jan (case-insensitive)
dd Two digit date

The following full date fields are supported, using the same partial date rules as above:

  • yyyymmdd
  • yymmdd
  • ddmmyyyy
  • ddmmyy
  • mmddyyyy
  • mmddyy

All of these fields are available from the Add Field button.

Title generation also has the following options:

Option Remark
Whitespace characters These characters are replaced with whitespace (defaults to ._, to handle filenames like three.word.title.avi
Capitalize title capitalises the first letter of each word

The fields to display can be customised with the Display Fields drop-down section. By default, any field with new/different values will be displayed.

Applying the Results

Once the options are correct, click on the Find button. The system will search for scenes that have filenames that match the given pattern.

The results are presented in a table showing the existing and generated values of the discovered fields, along with a checkbox to determine whether or not the field will be set on each scene. These fields can also be edited manually.

The Apply button updates the scenes based on the set fields.

⚠️ Note: results are paged and the Apply button only applies to scenes on the current page.