Interface Options

Table of Contents
  1. Language
  2. Scene/Marker Wall Preview Type
  3. Show Studios as text
  4. Scene Player options
    1. Activity tracking
  5. Custom CSS
  6. Custom Locales
  7. Custom served folders


Setting the language affects the formatting of numbers and dates.

Scene/Marker Wall Preview Type

The Scene Wall and Marker pages display scene preview videos (mp4) by default. This can be changed to animated image (webp) or static image.

⚠️ Note: scene/marker preview videos must be generated to see them in the applicable wall page if Video preview type is selected. Likewise, if Animated Image is selected, then Image Previews must be generated.

Show Studios as text

By default, a scene’s studio will be shown as an image overlay. Checking this option changes this to display studios as a text name instead.

Scene Player options

By default, scene videos do not automatically start when navigating to the scenes page. Checking the “Auto-start video” option changes this to auto play scene videos.

The maximum loop duration option allows looping of shorter videos. Set this value to the maximum scene duration that scene videos should loop. Setting this to 0 disables this functionality.

Activity tracking

The “Track Activity” option allows tracking of scene play count and duration, and sets the resume point when a scene video is not finished.

The “Minimum Play Percent” gives the minimum proportion of a video that must be played before the play count of the scene is incremented.

By default, when a scene has a resume point, the scene player will automatically seek to this point when the scene is played. Setting “Always start video from beginning” to true disables this behaviour.

Custom CSS

The stash UI can be customised using custom CSS. See here for a community-curated set of CSS snippets to customise your UI.

Stash Plex Theme is a community created theme inspired by the popular Plex interface.

Custom Locales

The localisation strings can be customised. The master list of default (en-GB) locale strings can be found here. The custom locale format is the same as this json file.

For example, to override the actions.add_directory label (which is Add Directory by default), you would have the following in the custom locale:

  "actions": {
    "add_directory": "Some other description"

Custom served folders

It is possible to expose specific folders to the UI. This configuration is performed manually in the config.yml file only.

Custom served content is exposed via the /custom URL path prefix.

For example, in the config.yml file:

  /: D:\stash\static
  /foo: D:\bar

With the above configuration, a request for /custom/foo/bar.png would return D:\bar\bar.png. The / entry matches anything that is not otherwise mapped by the other entries. For example, /custom/baz/xyz.png would return D:\stash\static\baz\xyz.png.

Applications for this include using static images in custom css, like the Plex theme. For example, using the following config:

  /: <stash folder>\custom

The background.png and noise.png files can be placed in the custom folder, then in the custom css, the ./background.png and ./noise.png strings can be replaced with /custom/background.png and /custom/noise.png respectively.

Other applications are to add custom UIs to stash, accessible via /custom.