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Table of Contents
  1. Stash_helper
  2. stash-vr
  3. stash-vr-companion
  4. stash-webvr
  5. stash-compilation-maker

Utilities are other external applications that utilise or interact with Stash in some way.

These utilities are created by third parties and not officially affiliated or supported by the core Stash team. If you have issues, please reach out to the original creators.


Category Companion
Utility Stash_helper
Description Adds some windows-specific tools to Stash (navigate from icon, installation help, etc).
Author philpw99


Category VR
Utility stash-vr
Description Watch your stash library in VR.
Author o-fl0w


Category VR
Utility stash-vr-companion
Description Similar to stash-deovr as above but designed as a web app that sits in a docker container next to stash to make it easier to use and add more functionality.
Author Tweeticoats


Category VR
Utility stash-webvr
Description WebVR friendly Stash client that displays only videos tagged with “Virtual Reality” tag.
Author stishadmin


Category Markers
Utility stash-compilation-maker
Description Connects to your Stash instance and creates simple compilation videos from scene markers. You select one or more tags, or one or more performers and it will take (currently) the first 15 seconds of video after the marker start and compile all of the markers into one video.
Author soundchaser128