Authentication Required When Accessing Stash From the Internet

Table of Contents
  1. Protecting against accidental exposure to the internet
    1. Alternative and safe methods to access your Stash
    2. Using an external authentication provider

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Protecting against accidental exposure to the internet

Stash data is considered private, and Stash is not designed to be publicly exposed, except to trusted confidants. Stash has a built-in protection against accidentally exposing itself publicly outside of your network. If Stash receives a request from the public internet, and you do not have a password enabled, Stash will reject the request and stop handling requests to protect your privacy.

This often happens when you use the port-forwarding feature of your router or install Stash on a publicly accessible server, such as a VPS. When you do this, anybody in the world can access your Stash instance, so we enforce a password requirement. If your Stash instance has shutdown due to an insecure configuration, it will not handle requests again until you tell it that you have fixed the problem. After setting up either authentication, firewall, or removing your port forwarding rules, you can edit .stash/config/config.yml and remove the key security_tripwire_accessed_from_public_internet.

Alternative and safe methods to access your Stash

You may use several methods to safely access Stash from outside of your home network. In the most basic, you can enable authentication in Stash, and re-enable port forwarding. You can also use a VPN solution that allows you to securely access your home network, such as Tailscale, Zerotier, Wireguard, or others.

Using an external authentication provider

If you are an advanced user, and have secured your Stash instance behind an authwall provided by a reverse proxy or hosting solution, you may continue to use that. You simply have to edit .stash/config/config.yml and set dangerous_allow_public_without_auth to true. If you have already tripped the security feature, you will also have to remove the security_tripwire_accessed_from_public_internet key in order to allow Stash to serve requests.