Advanced Configuration Options

Some configuration options can not be edited through the UI and should only be used if needed.

Depending on the option they can be configured either by editing the config.yml configuration file or by using an enviroment variable or in a few cases by using flags when running stash.

As an example the port option can be changed from the default 9999 to 1234 by one of the below methods

  • adding port: 1234 to the config.yml file
  • setting the ENV variable STASH_PORT to 1234 eg STASH_PORT=1234 ./stash
  • using the flag –port when running stash ./stash --port 1234
Configuration Option YML ENV FLAG Description Comments
host host STASH_HOST –host The ip address for the host that stash is listening to default:
port port STASH_PORT –port The port that stash serves to default: 9999
external host external_host STASH_EXTERNAL_HOST - Needed in some cases when you use a reverse proxy Docs
plugins path plugins_path - - The path to the stash plugins folder Only use if you need to override the default
scrapers path scrapers_path - - The path to the scrapers folder Only use if you need to override the default
custom served folders custom_served_folders - - Allows configuration of mapped URLs to file system folders PR
maximum upload size max_upload_size - - Change the maximum size (in MB) for partial imports default: 1024 (1GB)
proxy proxy - - The url of a HTTP(S) proxy to be used when stash makes calls to online services Example: https://user:password@my.proxy:8080
no proxy no_proxy - - A list of domains for which the proxy must not be used default is all local LAN: localhost,,,,